About Us

The EarlyBrain project aims to provide parents and relatives of children with developmental disorders with specific knowledge and skills to promote the development of their children.

EarlyBrain is characterised by a joint, transdisciplinary and coordinated action to understand the child from a biopsychosocial approach, and to empower parents, family members and caregivers. It will promote the exchange of promising practices and raise awareness on the need of early childhood interventions in line with the Child Guarantee, UNCRC and UNCRPD.

Funded by the European Erasmus+ programme, the project develops a series of training contents, in the form of a story, for families/caregivers that will allow them to identify and work on specific developmental disorders. It will also help professionals working with children with neurodevelopmental disorders (educators, teachers, psychologists, social workers, therapists…) to improve their daily care.

The collection of stories, which will be developed with EarlyBrain, is aimed at children with the aim of addressing different situations that represent challenges for these children and will be accompanied by didactic guides for parents, in audiobook format, on different specific disorders.
This set of contents will contribute to increase the competences, skills and strategies of caregivers to identify problems and/or deficits early on, to manage children’s behaviour in the course of daily routines and to improve their skills to engage their children in play and social interaction, thus contributing to the perception of self-efficacy and increased well-being.
A collection of stories with a double objective. On the one hand, to explain the neurobiological bases of specific and non-specific disorders in order to help families and teachers to better understand the situation faced by these children. And, on the other hand, to offer didactic and structured contents that allow families and teachers to work on them, as these contents will be useful both for caregivers and for the whole educational environment of the child, so that everyone will be able to act as active agents of change.


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