The Istituto di Gestalt HCC Human Communication Center Italy (GESTALT)

( Italy )

The Istituto di Gestalt HCC Human Communication Center Italy (GESTALT) works in the field of training, clinical and research in Gestalt psychotherapy, both nationally and internationally.

Its aim is to create an international teaching-learning community of clinicians, whose mission is to:

  • train psychotherapists and clinicians in contemporary professional competencies;
  • facilitate the transfer of knowledge and the exchange of good clinical practice on contemporary psychopathology and relational sufferings in primary relationships and between the individual and society;
  • to promote research and innovation in psychotherapy.

GESTALT has had a postgraduate School of Psychotherapy since 1979 and has three sites: Milan, Syracuse and Palermo, formally recognised by the Italian Ministry of Universities since 1994, and four clinical and research centres in Milan, Vicenza, Palermo and Syracuse.

Its centre of action is Italy and, as mentioned above, it mainly focuses on the fields of health and social assistance. It promotes psychological health by offering psychotherapeutic support to the most disadvantaged people, to children from families with problems or developmental disorders.

On the other hand, in its clinical centres, highly specialised psychotherapists offer clinical assistance in accordance with the most advanced research and psychopathology.

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