Fundación Telice Magnetic Anomaly (TMA)

( Spain )

Fab Lab León is the first project of the Telice Magnetic Anomaly Foundation, set up by the family company Teléfonos, Líneas y Centrales, S.A. in March 2011.

Its objectives are to stimulate the spirit and development of entrepreneurial and leadership skills and to stimulate interest in science and technology as pillars of knowledge and innovation.

Fab Lab León focuses on addressing the need to complement activities in the field of technology, digital manufacturing and the Information Society through transversal actions in the field of scientific and technological training and dissemination, encouraging and promoting the approach of science, technology and innovation to citizens and improving the scientific and technical training of society at all levels.

As a result, it has managed to become a benchmark in digital manufacturing and a technological literacy laboratory, rooted in León and with the capacity to manage and implement joint and collaborative actions with companies and public and private institutions that lead to the development of innovation and creativity processes with the aim of turning them into projects and programmes with local and national impact.

Fab Lab León is currently developing a programme called “Poderosas” which aims to eliminate existing stereotypes and prejudices among girls, in order to encourage new vocations and thus reduce the discrimination suffered by women in the scientific field.

Fab Lab León is a node between the international educational programmes FabAcademy and Fabricademy where we teach and support students as they conceptualise, design, manufacture and test a variety of personal projects.

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