EarlyBrain partners met for the second time in Siracuse!

On Tuesday, 9 April, EarlyBrain’s second Transnational Project Meeting was hosted by Istituto di Gestalt in Siracuse, Italy.

The project partners gathered to discuss the work performed so far and the related achievements. In particular, the first draft of the storybook “Super Marta Against the Toilet” was reviewed and is set to be published in May 2024.

The storybook is part of the collection of stories which are being developed by the EarlyBrain project. The stories aim to address various situations that represent challenges for children and will be accompanied by didactic guides for parents and caregivers.

In the case of Marta’s story, it will illustrate the situation of a child learning to go to the toilet, while providing insights into relevant issues such as anxiety, phobia, sensory hypersensitivity, and cognitive inflexibility. Moreover, thanks to the expertise of the partners, the story will provide tools and techniques to support the child in facing these challenges.

The meeting in Siracuse also provided an opportunity to discuss the workplan for the coming months. The partners will now:

  • Finalise the storybooks and adapt the feedback from the partnership.
  • Proceed with the translation of the stories in Spanish, Italian and French.
  • Prepare for the organisation of multiplier events in Spain and Italy.
  • Initiate the systematic review of current ECI initiatives at the EU level and provide recommendations for replication.
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