EarlyBrain Project launches in Valencia

On 20th Janurary the EarlyBrain project partners met in Valencia to kick-off the Empowering Families in Early Childhood Intervention (EarlyBrain) project.

The first years of our life are fundamental in shaping our futures. The way our brain develops in these first years is the foundation for how we learn, our behaviour and our health for the rest of our lives.

Given the importance of promoting healthy brain growth in our early years, the EarlyBrain Project aims to empower parents and relatives of children with developmental disabilities to promote the early brain development of their children.

Funded by Erasmus+, the three-year project will also raise awareness for the need of early childhood interventions in line with the Child Guarantee, UNCRC and UNCRPD.

On 20th January the EarlyBrain partners met for the first time in Valencia. Here the partners established the outline for their toolkit, which will provide training for parents and caregivers to acquire the needed knowledge and skills to promote the development of their children

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